The Ladies Dish 32: Special Guest Alyssa Kuzins – Life + Business Coach & Desire Map Facilitator

Special guest interview with Alyssa Kuzins, a fellow lady boss, Desire Map facilitator and yogi! Do you know what your Core Desired Feelings are right now? || Full show notes at the | Get in touch: 

Welcome to the Ladies Dish Podcast!

Updates (1:00)
Kate welcomes her Mindfull Makeover beta group gals! Whoo hoo – everyone is really excited for this program!

Interview Intro (1:55)
We’re excited to introduce you to Alyssa Kuzins who “offers heart-centered coaching options for passionate women who seek to thrive in their Truth, by helping them discover and act on what an aligned life or business means, looks, and feels like for them.”
Welcome to the Ladies Dish, Alyssa!

alyssa kuzins

Interview Game Question (4:17)
What part of your daily routine do you enjoy the most?
Alyssa shared something we all wish we could commit to on a more regular basis: meditation!
Joy loves the Calm app for its guided meditation, timed meditations and nature soundtracks! (use it right from your desktop computer, too!)

Interview with Alyssa!
1. Tell us what inspired you to do the work you do today. (9:22)

2. What is your favorite part of the work you do now? (15:15)

3. What is the Desire Map and what called you to become a facilitator for the program? (16:50)

It’s a revolution in flipping goal setting on its head – focusing on your core desired feeling as the destination NOT a specific thing or status. Lets chase the feeling that the goal provides – it’s not about the car, the job, the house, the man. Howyou want to feel in your life and design it!

Want to know more about Danielle LaPorte and the Desire Map? Click the photo below!


4. The Desire Map talks a lot about core desired feelings. Can you tell our listeners what CDFs are? (23:50)

Alyssa breaks it down for us, but the basics's how you want to feel every single day on a soul level! (We LOVE that!)

5. What are your Core Desired Feelings right now? (27.40)

6. We should have had you on a couple weeks ago whenever we recorded our “Therapy Session” episode! I think all 3 of us were really struggling with just being in a place of unhappiness, or overwhelm, or guilt and were just struggling to move forward. Do you have any advice for someone who feels this way? Do we go back and try to figure out our CDFs?

Are you feeling stuck?!! Alyssa so graciously created a helpful PDF to help us get unstuck! Download the Unstuck Yourself Quick Guide from Alyssa here.

7. The Ladies Dish is all about holistic health and it seems the Desire Map/Yoga fits right in with this concept. In your opinion, how can the Desire Map help someone with their health and wellness? (35:05)

8. Speaking of all things dealing with Desire Map, Share some the details with us on what you’ve got coming up! (42:30)

Yoga + Desire Map Retreat in Ohiopyle State Park in PA August 11th – 14th
Click here for more info!

alyssa retreat

1:1 coaching and business coaching in three packages:

Align: level 1 desire mapping
Accelerate: level 1 and 2 desire mapping
Up Level: level 1 and 2 desire mapping + project lady boss – about 6 months of coaching

Speed Round! (47:40)
Listen to hear Alyssa’s responses to these questions!

1. What’s your favorite meal?
2. What is a book that changed your life (besides the Desire Map!)?
3. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
4. If you could switch places with any celebrity for a day, who would it be?
5. How do you see the magic in your everyday? Or how do you help your clients being open to seeing magic?

“Coincidences are the Universe’s way of remaining anonymous”

magic is real

Connect with Alyssa

Find her on social media at…
Instagram: @sunflowergirlie

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